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You have the idea, we know how to make it happen.

We are Rocket Surgeon: a London-based tech consultancy providing CTO services and tech advice to entrepreneurs, startups and companies. Our mission is to create a better and clearer interface between the techies and the non-techies. You bring your idea for a technology you want to build or a problem you need solving, we sit together and analyse the challenges, suggest various solutions, look at your budget and time constraints and collect the information required for making your technology a success – because each client is unique, and no plan can be used twice. If needed, we go back to our lair and read articles full of technical terms and long code samples and then come back with a plan you can understand and implement to reach your goals.

Besides helping you plan, we can lead the technical aspect of the project: instructing and seamlessly coordinating the different tech professionals (such as designers, developers, user experience experts, database administrators and more), and making sure you end up with a great product on time and on budget. Technology can be daunting, so we are here to clarify the jargon, decipher developers, and help you make smart and cost-effective decisions.
Because that's what Rocket Surgeons do.

Our Services

Consulting CTOs - Technology Management
Technology Management
Freelance CTO - Idea Validation
Idea validation
Startup - Software Architecture
Software Architecture
Startup CTOs - Team structure and recruitment
Team structure & recruitment
Tech Advisers - Solution implementation
Solution implementation
Technology Consulting - Assessment Services
Assessment Services
Freelance Consulting CTOs - Investor Pitch
Investor Pitch
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Why Rocket Surgeon

Putting your technology on the launch pad

We share a common goal - to change the world through technology

At Rocket Surgeon, we bring not only our brain but also our heart to the project's operating table. We don't believe in problems,we believe in challenges - and we love tackling those!
With a background in programming and experience in business management as a CTO, Rocket Surgeon's owner and CEO, Oliver Kraus has seen technology from both the ‘factory floor’ and at management level. After spending 8 years in a CTO role growing a startup he was part of himself, Oliver decided to help other tech startups, companies and entrepreneurs build and grow their dreams. You may not need a full time CTO for your business, but having someone with that experience to call upon could save you from making costly mistakes; this is where we come in.

It’s all too easy for a startup or a business to spend a devastating amount of money because of one wrong move, and in the field of technology this can be easily done. For example, if the wrong developers are hired, an app is built in the wrong technology, if the wrong database is used, you may find out you need to rewrite half of your code. These mistakes, made early on, can have huge implications years down the line. Instead of wasting this time and money, We can help you avoid making these mistakes and drive forward to success.

Rocket Surgeon was created to address the need of entrepreneurs and companies for a knowledgeable and trustworthy technology executive; someone who will ignite a process, give advice or execute a specific technological solution. We don't expect you to know how to talk tech, this is our job. Instead, you can tell us your plans and ideas and we will translate them to technical requirements that can be understood by your tech crowd.

Why Rocket Surgeon Consulting CTOs

Some of the technologies we are experienced with:

Web Back-End

Python | Django | Flask
Asp.Net | C# | VB.Net
Classic ASP | VBScript
PHP | Symfony | Laravel

Web Front-End

Angular | AngularJS
Javascript | jQuery


MS SQL Server
Ms Access

Services and APIs

Google APIs
Facebook APIs
Webservices | General APIs | RESTful


React Native
Xamarin | Mono
Android SDK
PhoneGap | Cordova

Other Technologies

Google Cloud Platform
Domains / DNS / DKIM / SPF
Windows Server

Pricing Options

Freelance CTO Pricing

Good, you want to hire our services - this is the first of many good decisions you are going to make when we work together!

You can choose from three pricing approaches:
  • Based on an hourly rate.
  • Working on a monthly retainer.
  • A per-project rate.

The work can be performed on-premises, off-premises, or as a combination of the two, depending on your own specific needs.
Contact us for a free initial consultation meeting.

  • 30 Hours or more
  • £95* /Hour
  • * Disount of up to 25% may be considered in exchange for equity.
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